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Georgian Wine Tasting Masterclass

On November 12, as part of wine festival- DiVino Taste(Forum of Bulgarian Wine 2022), special Georgian wine tasting masterclass by Georgian wine expert Maka Tarashvili took place. 
The Ambassador Tamara Liluashvili, attended the festival and adressed the participants.
During the wine tasting guests had an opportunity to taste different Georgian wines:
1. Tsitska Khareba 2012
2. Tsolikouri Labara 2020
3. Goruli Mtsvane 39 Qvevri 2020
4. Kisi Rtoni 2021
5. Khikhvi Andria’s wine 2021
6. Aladasturi Khareba 2020
7. Saperavi Tbilvino 2020
8. Saperavi Casreli 2020
Maka Tarashvili presented the history and traditions of wine making in Georgia and uniqueness of  grape varieties. 
Presentation and masterclass was aimed for local importers, sommeliers and the journalists working on wine matters.
We would like to express our gratitude to Maka Tarashvili for wondeful masterclass, the founder/publisher of DiVino - Emil Koralov for organizing such event and National Wine Agency of Georgia for their support.